Author: Austen JC

On the 13th March, I was involved in a Toshiba Encore PR event as the “Audio Specialist.”

Prior to the event my task was to look at how the tablet could be used as a pro-sumer audio device, with the intention that on the day, the press would be able to interact with them in a professional environment; ideally, someway tying the activity in with Dan Croll‘s track “From Nowhere, the sync track to the current Encore marketing campaign.

After a lengthy investigation, it was eventually agreed that we would make use of the Cakewalk application, “Music Creator 6 Touch,” as it is the only ‘pro-audio’ app on the market at the moment that utilises touch capabilities. Each of the tablets was loaded with the app, aswell as the stems from “From Nowehere,” and so after explaining the features and capabilities to the press, they were asked to create their own ‘mix’ of the track.

After a very successful day, and some surprisingly good results from the activity, I stayed behind to speak more with Paul, the Abbey Road Engineer, who was kind enough to take me around the other studios.

It was great to visit such a historic studio, and I hope to return soon with a full recording project.

After the success of the ’Bros’ single, Wolf Alice asked if I would produce their debut, 4 track EP.

A week was booked in the studio and we set about experimenting with sounds. 

Being my first full band production (aside from Bros) it was great to be given the opportunity to take a more decisive role in the project’s direction but as I was also engineering the session, it was a particularly long and hard week for me; which I have to admit, I absolutely revelled in.

Despite the usual drawn out conversations of “this section should be 4 bars…no 8 bars…no 4 bars….” and “the guitars need to sound more…..wavy” we worked our way towards a very exciting conclusion by the end of the week, where we were all very excited by what we had achieved.

Again, following the same formula as before, Dan Grech-Marguerat was our mix engineer of choice and again, he did a sterling job. 

After it’s release the EP was received well by both critics and fans, and combined with a nationwide tour supporting acts such as SWIMDEEP and The 1975, led to them securing a recording contract with Dirty Hit Records 
Wolf Alice are due to begin a headline tour in MAY 2014 supported by Superfood.

After having engineered all of their previous studio recordings, the band asked if I would like to take charge of the Production on their upcoming single, Bros. 

I worked with the band to get everything tracked and edited in one day, before delivering the final audio to Dan Grech-Marguerat to be mixed. 

The track was subsequently picked up by a number of blogs which helped to raise the band’s profile. 

Austen was invited to be involved in a promotional video for audio equipment brand Focusrite.

The documentary style short film shows Austen explaining and then demonstrating his approach to recording, utilising the Focusrite Forte audio interface to set up a remote recording session with artist Alexander Wolfe.

Austen’s collaboration with the Focusrite brand is ongoing, with him regularly receiving various pieces of equipment to test and feedback on.

Our new ATC-SCM50 monitors became a ‘NEWS’ item in the Feb edition of Resolution.

A few shots from the Focusrite Forte acoustic session with Alexander Wolfe.

I have worked with Tony on a few projects now and each time I am reminded why he is so well respected for what he brings to all his productions. These photos were taken at the end of our sessions with Marc Almond, another client I have had the pleasure of working with a lot over a number of years.

After having recently installed a new set of ATC SCM50A monitors down at Dean St. I was asked by pro-audio suppliers KMR, to give an interview about how they were settling into the studio.

After working with the Hudson Taylor boys on all of their professional recordings up to this point, I was invited to engineer their highly anticipated “Battles” EP, produced by the legendary Danton Supple. The first part of the recording was done at Dean St. and then the project was taken to State Of The Ark studios for completion, before being mixed by Danton in his own studio.

This is still one of the most hectic but fun sessions I’ve done at Dean St. 

With a full band recording live, plus 3 different guest performers including Huey Morgan and Idris Elba, a film crew, band management, label execs and Ruby the dog, all in the studio, it was a pretty full on day to say the least.
After a few hours of setting up and sound checking, we were all set to record (and film) in one. 

Naturally, the boys absolutely nailed it and Idris added his own undeniable charm to the track, resulting in the video you see here.