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Toshiba Encore PR Event

On the 13th March, I was involved in a Toshiba Encore PR event as the “Audio Specialist.”

Prior to the event my task was to look at how the tablet could be used as a pro-sumer audio device, with the intention that on the day, the press would be able to interact with them in a professional environment; ideally, someway tying the activity in with Dan Croll‘s track “From Nowhere, the sync track to the current Encore marketing campaign.

After a lengthy investigation, it was eventually agreed that we would make use of the Cakewalk application, “Music Creator 6 Touch,” as it is the only ‘pro-audio’ app on the market at the moment that utilises touch capabilities. Each of the tablets was loaded with the app, aswell as the stems from “From Nowehere,” and so after explaining the features and capabilities to the press, they were asked to create their own ‘mix’ of the track.

After a very successful day, and some surprisingly good results from the activity, I stayed behind to speak more with Paul, the Abbey Road Engineer, who was kind enough to take me around the other studios.

It was great to visit such a historic studio, and I hope to return soon with a full recording project.