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By the time I had actually secured a credit for my work on Florence’s platinum selling Ceremonials album, I had actually worked with Florence a number of times before.
We first met during a few sessions with songwriter-producer Isabella ‘Machine’ Summers, while we demo-ed vocals for potential album tracks.

Then, still during the early stages of Ceremonials, I spent 2 weeks with Florence and legendary producer Paul Epworth during their writing process. Working so closely with Paul was a fantastic experience; not only was it inspiring to see how he worked with Florence to construct songs, but being able to discuss practical elements of career progression was incredibly beneficial.

Once the album was at last in production, I was enlisted to engineer on “Remain Nameless,” working again with Isa. 

To say I was involved in such a hugely successful project and been able to work with some of the industries most influential people has given me yet more of an appetite to build on these experiences.